4G Router

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The universal platform for the remote control

4GRouter is a 4G telephone gateway with router's functions, providing Internet connectivity and allows the remote control of devices connected via Wi-Fi, LAN port or serial port.

Main services:

  • Wireless access point to offer Wi-Fi Internet connectivity to wireless devices
  • Dynamic DNS client to allow the user to remotely access (using the public Internet) the router itself and all devices connected via Wi-Fi or LAN port
  • Data transmission through standard RS-232/RS-485/CAN-bus
- to allow the user the remote monitoring, through the COMNet service, of the devices connected to the serial port

- to allow to the devices connected to the serial port to send automatically data, alerts and notifications through the COMNet service

  • Telephone gateway to allow the calls sending or receiving through the 4G LTE/UMTS/GSM net to telephones, autodialers or any other telephone device connected to the FXS input
  • Programmable digital inputs
  • Relay outputs to be activated locally or o via SMS
  • Built-in back up battery for operation under power failure.

For correct operation the 4GRouter needs a SIM card enabled for voice/SMS/data traffic.




  • Easy localization of remote devices with no public IP (communication via socket TCP between 2 clients  managed by the server COMNet)
  • Allows the remote diagnostic and the remote maintenance service 
  • The connection can be activated both client and gateway sides
  • It sends automatically notifications in case of failures or emergency 
  • Remote programming via SMS
  • Reading of programming codes via SMS
  • Automatic country setting and roaming service
  • Battery check
  • External power failure control
  • Relay-based notification of external power failure
  • Relay-based notification of 4G LTE/UMTS/GSM network loss
  • SMS notifications (low-battery, dead battery, replaced battery,external power failure/restore, 4G LTE/UMTS/GSM network restore)
  • Measurement of 4G LTE/UMTS/GSM signal level
  • Remote reboot function
  • Access point wireless
  • Dynamic DNS client
  • Data transmission through standard RS-232, RS-485 and CAN-bus
Hardware and Software design and development carried out at the Esse-ti Research Center. 100% made in Italy.


  • Device status indicator LED
  • Data transmission indicator LED
  • Power supply status indicator LED
  • 4G LTE/UMTS/GSM signal indicator LED
  • Line status indicator LED
  • 4G LTE/UMTS/GSM module
  • Wi-Fi: supports150Mb/s @ 2.4Ghz WiFi, standard 802.11 b/g/n
  • SIM card slot (2FF)
  • 230 Vac external adapter input
  • NiMH 800 mAh 7,2 V back up battery
  • 11-26 Vdc power supply input
  • 2 Relay outputs
  • Terminal blocks for data transmission
  • Micro USB A/B port for pc connection
  • External antenna (cable length = 2 m)
  • Diversity antenna in LTE reception via additional antenna (cable length = 2 m)
  • External Wi-Fi antenna
  • External adapter (230 Vac 50 Hz input; 12 Vdc 500 mA output; CE mark)


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