Router IP 4G


VoIP and 4G telephone gateway with router's functions


  • 2 SIP VoIP accounts
  • Cable replacement: RS-232 / RS-485 / CAN bus / Wi-Fi / LAN
  • The esse-ti Virtual Private Network for remote management of any device
  • Programmable digital inputs/outputs
  • Voice calls via 4G LTE/UMTS/GSM network

The IP universal platform for the remote control

Router IP 4G is a VoIP and 4G telephone gateway with router’s functions, providing Internet connectivity and allows the remote control of devices connected via Wi-Fi, LAN port or serial port.

The device comes with:

  • Wi-Fi module,
  • 2 RJ45 ports (WAN and LAN),
  • 2 FXS inputs,
  • backup batteries,
  • 8 signalling LEDs: system status, Wi-Fi, radio module status, mobile network signal strenght, lines status, Internet connectivity, SIP account status, power supply.

Main services:

  • Wireless access point to offer Wi-Fi Internet connectivity to wireless devices
  • Dynamic DNS client to allow the user to remotely access (using the public Internet) the router itself and all devices connected via Wi-Fi or LAN port
  • Data transmission through standard RS-232/RS-485/CAN-bus
– to allow the user the remote monitoring, through the COMNet service, of the devices connected to the serial port

– to allow to the devices connected to the serial port to send automatically data, alerts and notifications through the COMNet service

  • Telephone gateway to allow the calls sending or receiving through the 4G LTE/UMTS/GSM net to telephones, autodialers or any other telephone device connected to the FXS input
  • Programmable digital inputs
  • Relay outputs to be activated locally or o via SMS
  • Built-in back up battery for operation under power failure.

For correct operation the 4GRouter needs a SIM card enabled for voice/SMS/data traffic.

Available the specific version for:

  • North America: part number 5IG-670
  • Latin America: part number 5IG-671
  • Australia: part number 5IG-672

  • Voice calls via 4G LTE/UMTS/GSM network
  • Voice calls via Internet network
  • 2 SIP VoIP accounts
  • Access point wireless (to offer Wi-Fi connectivity to wireless devices)
  • VPN (to allow the user, via the e-VPN web application, to create and manage a virtual private network independently, so that the router itself and all the devices connected to it can be reached as if they were part of a single LAN)
  • Dynamic DNS client (to allow the user to remotely access, using the public Internet, the router itself and all the devices connected via Wi-Fi or LAN port)
  • Programmable digital inputs (inputs activation notification via SMS or CLI call)
  • Relay outputs (to be activated locally or o via SMS)
  • Router configuration interface via web browser
  • Gateway local programming via telephone (DTMF tones)
  • Gateway remote programming via SMS
  • Reading of programming codes via SMS
  • Caller number display service
  • Clock setting
  • CLIR
  • Roaming service management
  • SIM card expiration control notification via SMS)
  • Battery check (low/dead/replaced battery notification via SMS)
  • External power failure control (failure/restore notification via SMS)
  • Relay-based notification of external power failure
  • Relay-based notification of 4G LTE / UMTS / GSM network loss
  • Signal level check via local telephone or via SMS
  • Automatic converter of selected telephone number
  • Programmable telephone line voltage
  • Adjustable reception and transmission gain levels
  • Customizable timeout of post dialing
  • Automatic country setting
  • Automatic reboot under prolonged 4G LTE / UMTS / GSM signal absence
  • Remote reboot
  • Firmware update OTA
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