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LifTrack is a real-time monitoring system for lift systems.

Equipped with predictive analysis functions, it provides the information needed for routine and preventive maintenance, regardless of the brand of lift.

LifTrack (installed integral with the car) processes the data collected from the sensors and inputs and forwards it, via CAN-bus connection, to the alarm system or to the Esse-ti gateway already present on the installation. Via data connection, the information is then sent to an Esse-ti server and is made available in the e-stant web application.

To use with Helpy 2W-4G.VoLTE and 4G.evox CAN

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  • LifTrack has:
    • 2 sensors (accelerometer and barometer)
    • 4 digital inputs
    • 1 analogue input
    • 1 relay output (NO/NC, bistable)
  • Main information provided by the sensors:
    • car position at floor
    • journeys made
    • number of stops on each floor
    • number of reversals
    • average and instantaneous speed
    • average and instantaneous acceleration
    • distance covered
    • time of journey
    • temperature
    • pressure
  • Examples of information that can be detected by connecting the inputs to the control panel or external sensor:
    • door status
    • lighting efficiency (by means of light sensors)
    • presence of people inside the car (by means of movement sensors)
    • presence of water in the pit (by means of flood sensors)
    • presence of smoke (by means of smoke detectors)
    • overloading (by means of weight sensors on the car floor)
Hardware and Software design and development carried out at the Esse-ti Research Center. 100% made in Italy.


  • Digital inputs: 4
  • Analog inputs: 1
  • Relay outputs: 1, NO/NC bistable (24 V 1 A), can be activated remotely or locally according to pre-programmed logics
  • CAN-bus output
  • Micro USB AB port for PC connection
  • Power supply input: 1 (11-40 Vdc)
  • Power supply output: 1 (5 Vdc max. 50 mA)
  • Power supply: from 11 to 40 Vdc
  • Power supply: from 11 to 40 VdcAbsorption: 100 mA
  • Sensors: Accelerometer; Barometer
  • Dimensions 102x85x19,8 mm
  • Weight: 174 g


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