Wiring loom

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The wiring loom allows to comply with the EN 81-28 regulations and saving on cabling costs.

Suitable for the autodiallers installed on the lift car top, allows a quick and secure installation.

Inclusive of shielded cable with microphone for the elevator car, pre-cabled yellow and geen LEDs, free wires for connection with the existing emergency-call pushbutton, speaker unit with pushbutton for the car bottom.




The pre-wired kit includes:
  • terminal blocks fit with the following autodialer models: HelpyGSM, HelpyGSM-RM, Helpy QUICK-TL, Helpy Vox
  • microphone with shielded cable L= 3 m for the car
  • yellow/green LEDs signalling alarm sent and alarm received
  • wirings to connect the pre-existing pushbutton in the car 
  • passive handsfree terminal with pushbutton for the car bottom.
Hardware and Software design and development carried out at the Esse-ti Research Center. 100% made in Italy.


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