2W speaker unit with pushbutton

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The 2W speaker unit with pushbutton is an independent digital speech unit designed for installation on the elevator car-top or in the pit.

The 2W digital-technology speaker units allows two-way communication with excellent audio quality and low consumptions.

The wide range of size and fittings combines functionality and versability in order to meet any installation requirement.

Quick and easy-to-install with only 2 wires, the speech units allows to combine active and passive speaker units.

The brand-new 2W speaker units are equipped with advanced self-diagnosis system to check constantly the system.



  • 2-Wire BUS connection supplied directly by the autodialler or via the 12 Vdc input
  • Presence over the BUS checked automatically by the autodialler
  • DIP switch for ID assignation over the BUS
  • Remote digital volumes adjustment
  • Emergency-call pushbutton
  • Allows to connect a passive speaking unit
Hardware and Software design and development carried out at the Esse-ti Research Center. 100% made in Italy.

Compliant: EN 81-80, EN 81-28, EN 81-70


Independent audio digital speaking unit for 2W esse-ti alarm systems

Two-way communication (full duplex)

Connection: 2-wire bus

Self-diagnosis system

Power supply: directly from the bus or via the 12 Vdc input

Absorption in idle state: 20 mA

Average absorption in alarm conversation mode: 50 mA

Presence over the bus checked automatically by the alarm system

DIP switch for ID assignation over the bus 

Loudspeaker's volume setting: digital remotely adjustable

Microphone's volume setting: digital remotely adjustable

Plastic case with pushbutton 

Dimensions (without terminal blocks): 117x64x17(h) mm

Dimensions (with terminal blocks): 117x73x17(h) mm

Weight: 76 g


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