Helpy Compact

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Complete, easy and extremely small: the new concentrate of technology.

The brand-new diallers with optimized electronics for cost efficiency, new components generation for enhanced customer experience, top-performant DTMF transmission and extra inputs for remote monitoring and predictive maintenance. 

Helpy COMPACT is the smaller dialler suitable for any installation, comes with speaker unit, back up batteries, LEDs signalling alarm sent / alarm received / operation status, alarm pushbutton and reset pushbutton.

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  • Emergency alarm call management and periodical test in compliance with EN 81-28:2018
  • Management of 24 programmable phone numbers to be freely associated with different alarm sources and called parties
  • Five call-forwarding modes: to a remote telephone or to a call center with manual-call management, to a call center with P100 or Esse-ti protocol , to a call center with CLI management, to a call center with SMS management (with gateway)
  • Technological alarms: low battery / replace battery / no external power supply / built-in speaker unit diagnostic / auxiliary alarm
  • Test of every type of alarm
  • Missed test call notification in the car as per EN 81-28:2018 standard
  • Low battery signalling: via device status LED
  • Event’s log with timestamp on internal memory or on micro SD card
  • Local programming modes: telephone (DTMF tones) / micro SD card / computer (via USB-serial cable and software e-stant) 
  • Remote programming modes: telephone (DTMF tones) / software compliant with the EPT protocol (DTMF tones)
  • Programmable handsfree connection mode
  • Programmable alarm reset mode
  • Telephone line presence check
  • Electronic management of speaker unit's volume
  • Multi-link function to connect up 9 alarm systems over one telephone line
  • Relay contact function management (same behavior as output AI or AR / active for mains failure / door opener / active as long as the emergency alarm progresses / active as long as the buttons are pressed / active with no telephone line / active with low battery)
Hardware and Software design and development carried out at the Esse-ti Research Center. 100% made in Italy.

Compliant: EN 81-80, EN 81-28, EN 81-70


Power supply features
Power supply: 10 VDC min., 30 VDC max.
Absorption in idle state: 95 mA
Absorption alarm conversation mode: 195 mA
Built-in backup battery NiMH 7,2 V 800 mAh
Self-restorable fuse on power supply input
Internal voltages: +1,8 V , +3,3 V, +5 V
Service center protocols: P100, Esse-ti
Other protocols upon request
Data transmission and signalling system
Type of dialing over external line: DTMF
DTMF generator
Telephone line tones recognition: 89 countries
Voice messages
Pre-recorded languages: 9 (Italian / English / German / French / Polish / Portuguese / Russian / Spanish / Czech)
Pre-recorded voice messages: 30 minutes, restorable
Messages that support the programming
Alarm messages
Elevator identification message: customizable (max. 25 s)
Courtesy message for the car: multi-language, customizable (max. 25 s)
Messages customization: via computer (via USB-serial cable and software e-stant) / via micro SD card
Telephone terminantions
Connection to public telephone network or universal gateway: terminal block
Output for domestic telephone line: terminal block
Local telephone input for programming and communication with the car: terminal block
Built-in speaker unit
Connectable passive speaker units: 2 (max 6 mt away)
Connectable long range speaker units: 2 (max 50 mt away)
Auxiliary microphone inputs (for single microphone or for microphone of passive speaker unit) : 2, terminal blocks
Amplified auxiliary microphone inputs (for single microphone or for microphone of passive speaker unit) : 2, terminal blocks
Auxiliary loudspeaker outputs (for single loudspeaker or for loudspeaker of passive speaker unit): 2, terminal blocks
SPOX connectors for passive speaker units connection: 2, optional
Local telephone – External telephone line
Local telephone – Speaker unit
External telephone line – Speaker unit
Inputs / outputs
Given alarm indicator light
Received alarm indicator light
Reset pushbutton: built in
Alarm button: built in
Alarm inputs: 1 (x 3 terminal blocks)
Customizable inputs (alarm / auxiliary / reset / filter / gong): 2
Relay outputs: 1, programmable (max. 250 Vac or 220 Vdc)
Given alarm outputs: 2 (NPN / PNP)
LED signalling device status: 1
Serial port for PC connection: 1
Micro USB port for PC connection: 1, optional
Micro SD Card slot: optional
Programming keypad: optional
Safety systems
FLASH memory for data protection under power failure
Double watch-dog system
Firmware update and programming pattern
Via computer (via USB-serial cable and software e-stant) / via micro SD card




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