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SMS sender software from PC: allows receiving and sending text messages in a easy, conveniente and quick way from your PC

  • The system is made up by GSM500.text module or 4G.text gateway and e-text software (FREE DOWNLOAD)
  • The system allows to send SMS to the selected telephone numbers with no limits of time and quantity
  • It is possible to send: a single SMS; one SMS to many receivers; multiples customized SMS.
  • With e-text you can also receive and read SMS
  • The sending time is programmable
  • Receivers list management: import of telephone numbers list; create and exporting of a receivers list; import of receivers numbers list with specific text message.
  • User-friendly graphical interface for a quick start.

E Text


Software e-text: Windows 7 (32 o 64 bit) and superior
Possibility to connect to the PC up to 4 GSM500.text modules or 4G.next gateway
Connection via USB/serial cable
GSM500 Text module: GSM/GPRS Quad-band
Transmission power: 1W at 1800/1900 MHz, 2W at 850/900 MHz
4 LEDs: GSM signal strenght, device status operation, line status and power supply status
SIM Card slot: built-in
DB-9 connector for connection to the PC
Power supply: from 10 to 17 Vdc
External adapter : input 230 Vac 50Hz; output 12Vdc 500 mA
Dimensions: 140x96x28 mm
Weight: 220 g
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