Smart HeSafety

Smart HeSafety

Smart HeSafety sofwtare pack allows to receive and store periodic test calls.



The Smart HeSafety package allows:
  • to receive and store automatically any alarm call (except for emergency request calls): 

          . technological alarms (dead battery, power failure,
          . diagnostics alarms
          . remaining SIM credit alarms
          . lift alarms;  

  • to automatic receive and manage test calls;
  • to quickly identify the lifts showing missed calls and the related delay;
  • to manage up to 4 HeGate for max. 12 telephone lines (8 analog PSTN lines /  4 GSM lines);
  • to manage the calls in esse-ti protocol mode or in CLI (Ring) mode;
  • to receive SMS alarms;
  • to view and manage the lift data;
  • to control the logs of received calls;
  • to manage and print the events.
  • to connect up to 4 HeGates modems for max 12 telephone lines.
  • The Smart HeSafety software is compatible with alarm systems of other brand. 
  • Minimum System Requirements: - Operating System: Windows XP (32-bit SP3), Windows 7 (32-bit/64-bit), Windows 8 (32-bit/64-bit) - 250 MB available hard disk space - 1 GB RAMn - Internet Access (only for remote-assistance)
  • Hardware Requirement: HeGate modem (each PC supports up to 4 HeGate devices; each HeGate supports up to 2 analog PSTN lines and 1 GSM line, by connecting a GSM200 proprietary module)


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