Over 30 years with passion in the telecommunications sector

Over 30 years with passion in the telecommunications sector
We are strongly convinced that technology, to be truly useful, should bring concrete benefits to end-users.
The Telecommunications and Lift Divisions, making up esse-ti, are the result of a continuous effort in aiming at a clear objective: manufacturing the right product , satisfying the needs it was created for.
The strength of esse-ti is made up of many different factors leading to a constant improvement.

RESEARCH Ideas, innovation and development
The esse-ti research and development department, boasting highly-skilled technical and engineering personnel co-operating with universities and research institutes, lays the basis for all the steps leading to products manufacturing, including design and software/hardware in-house development.

TECHNOLOGY High-performing test tools, processes and products
State-of-the-art products are the result of an excellent production process: specialized labs, burn-in room and custom test tools play a relevant role. The company certifications obtained over the year attest to the constant focus on top quality.

FUNCTIONALITY Attention, avant-garde and comfort
The capability of listening, collecting, processing the suggestions and experiences coming from different market sectors, contributes to the constant improvement of the esse-ti Srl product range. The increase in functions and features is part of the company awareness: conceiving technology from the users’ side as a key element in making their life better.

FLEXIBILITY Dynamic, fast, tailor-made solutions
The skill of adapting to a wide range of applications allows esse-ti to design flexible solutions tailored to meet the customers’needs. Custom-made products in a variety of applications is the proof of the company’s focus on satisfying specific requirements.

RELIABILITY Test, selection and know-how
For esse-ti, what makes a product highly-performing is the extreme attention paid to any detail, from the design phase up to manufacturing. The accurate testing procedures and the selection of qualified suppliers and subcontractors ensure that the utmost reliability of the entire production process.

SUPPORT Consulting, technical courses and assistance
esse-ti is at the customers’service: from the choice of the ideal solution, on to the installation and use. The secret of our success lies in the perfect team job of both sales and technical departments, thanks to frequent technical and specializing courses as well as an excellent in-house after-sale support.

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