The Quality Policy of esse-ti is made up of two different documents (Politics and Objective programs) in order to make the Quality Policy dynamic and easily adaptable  to the constantly evolving reality of our organization and ensuring that the management quality system achieves the expected results by supporting people to contribute to the effectiveness of the quality management system. This document underlines the commitments and principles on which our Policy is based, the other document (Program of annual objectives) describes in detail the objectives that year by year the esse-ti identifies as continuous improvement.

esse-ti priority purpose is to maintain a Quality Management System compliant with the UNI EN ISO 9001 standard, promoting the process approach and the risk-based thinking in order to ensure compliance of the product / service with the requirements requested by the client, the applicable legislation and the relevant standards taking responsibility for the effectiveness of the quality management system; ensuring that the policy and objectives set are compatible with the context and strategic directions of the organization and understood, shared, and implemented by all its employees and collaborators and at the same time undertakes to share it with its most significant stakeholders .

Essential purpose of the Quality Policy is to mantain and strengthen the position in the reference market, ensuring the integration of quality management system requirements into the organization’s business processes, clearly identifying customer expectations and needs to convert them into requirements to be met, offering customers the best price / quality ratio for products / services and providing services that ensure the widest customer satisfaction, with the aim of continuous improvement and business excellence .

Needful purpose of the esse-ti Quality policy is the effort to create, develop and spread to all levels of the Organization the quality culture. It involves the provision, by the top management of the Organization, of necessary human and technological resources and the involvement of all towards the improvement of the quality of the product / service.

Very important is the communication inside and outside of the esse-ti in order to make all the staff sharing the Quality Policy key-concepts. In this system are basic purposes the constant training and awareness of Process Managers and their collaborators, through specific and systematic courses on quality disciplines, providing support to other relevant management roles to demonstrate their leadership, as it applies to their respective areas of responsibility.

The top management of esse-ti also ensures, as a vital objective, the maintenance in perfect efficiency of its corporate Quality Management System, promoting improvement and through a constant and periodic verification of the correct application of the provisions of the Management Procedures, the Instructions operational, process flows and quality policy in all areas of the company, through internal audits and specific reviews.

Finally, the achievement of the objectives of effectiveness and efficiency of the processes that will be kept under constant control through the monitoring and systematic analysis of the quality data and their performance must be considered decisive.

Certification: ISO 9001 :2015

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