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Software for local and remote programming, firmware update and voice prompts management.

With e-stant programming esse-ti devices is even more easy, quick and mistake-proof. In a few steps it is possible to program with no digit to remember, listen or modify the voice promts and keep your devices always updated.



Compatible devices with specific services are shown in brackets:

Local programming via proprietary USB/serial cable (Helpy 2W series, HelpyGSM/RM, Compact serie)

PC-based remote programming via HeGate modem and integration with HeControl (Helpy 2W series)

PC-based remote programming via SMS through E-Text modem (gateways GSM/3G/4G, Helpy 2W serie, HelpyGSM, Helpy Air)

Automatic generation of QR-codes for remote configuration via smartphone (gateways GSM/3G/4G, Helpy 2W serie, HelpyGSM, Helpy Air)

Off-line programming

Programming sessions can be saved for multiple device configuration

Remote query of preset parameters  (Helpy 2W series, HelpyGSM)

Playing multi-language voice prompts (Helpy 2W series, HelpyGSM)

Restoring factory-default voice prompts (Helpy 2W series, HelpyGSM)

Modifying selected audio messages via customizable packs or complete language sets (Helpy 2W serie, HelpyGSM)

Local and remote download of device events' log

Remote emulation of devices' alarms trigger (Helpy 2W series)

Local firmware update (Helpy 2W series, HelpyGSM/RM)

Micro SD card setting for local parameter programming/ voice messages customizatione / software upgrade (Helpy 2W series, HelpyGSM)

Supported devices: gateway GSM500 serie, GSM600 serie, 3G serie, 4G serie, Helpy 2W serie , HelpyGSM, Helpy Air


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