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The PABX for SOHO solutions: full of services, high-tech and Plug&Play.

Whit external lines and up to 8 extensions, the PABX comes with many functions, including: IVR (Interactive Voice Responder), Call Switch (in case of absence the incoming calls go directly to preset numbers), ACD (Automatic Call Distribution), and automatic switch FAX.

 * 1 or more GSM line available by connetting GSM500 (or  UMTS line with ) as a PSTN line.

pn: 5CT-109
Max External Lines2
Max Extensions8
GSM Line*


Phone compatibility:
- 4 Systems phones (ST600)
- 6 BCA (standard analogue) phones

Caller ID always available (BCA and ST 600).

Interactive Voice Responder (IVR): 5 voice menus linkable and browsable.

Customizable Courtesy Responder to entertain the user if the operator is busy, to communicate the opening/closing times..

Call Switch: when out of home/office, it is possible to program the incoming external calls or doorphone calls to preset numbers.

Automatic Call Distribution (ACD): the incoming call can be automatically direct to 1 or more extensions.

Programmable automatic switch fax: the incoming fax-call goes automatically to the programmed extension.

LCR function (Least Cost Routing) to use the most convenient line.

Phone directory: 50 listings available from all extensions.


1 channel for vocal services

1 external audio input

Plug & Play

Mains voltage: 230 Vac +6% / -10%

Power supply: 16 W

Dimensions:  160 x 100 x 45 mm

Weight: 1 kg





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