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Automatic GSM handsfree telephone: press the pushbutton and call the 12 prememorized numbers.

GSM Telehandsfree is an automatic telephone set wich allows to set up a hands-free communication with previously-programmed telephone numbers upon pressing a pushbutton. 

GSM Telehandsfree answers incoming calls, automatically or upon pressing a pushbutton, and allows room-monitoring. 
For correct operation, a GSM SIM card is required (voice and SMS contract).

pn: 5HV-110
GSM Line1


  • Telehandsfree in stainless-steel case with built-in GSM module 
  • Allows to call one of the programmed telephone numbers just by pressing the pushbutton
  • It is possible to program up to 12 telephone numbers
  • Allows 4 different alarm sending modes: vocal call, SMS, SMS and vocal call, pre-alarm SMS (with call back waiting) and vocal call
  • Allows to receive incoming calls by setting the automatic answer function or by pressing a pushbutton
  • SMS signalling low battery
  • Room monitor
  • Volume adjustment through pushbutton
  • Basic programming via SMS
  • Advanced programming via PC


  • Quad-Band GSM module
  • MIcro SIM Card
  • Transmission power: 1 W at 1800/1900 MHz, 2 W at 850/900 MHz
  • GPRS class 10
  • Power supply: 12 Vdc (terminal block) or through USB cable
  • Built-in back up battery: 3,7 V 1150 mAh rechargeable LiPo battery
  • Estimated operation time in normal use conditions without external power supply: 42 hours
  • Built-in full duplex high quality handsfree
  • Volume adjustable
  • Pushbuttons: sending alarm call / stop alarm call / answer incoming call / volume adjustment
  • 3 LEDs (red: GSM signal strength; yellow: alarm sent; green: alarm received)
  • FLASH memory for data storage under power failure
  • Double watchdog system
  • GSM reset
  • Firmware update (remote: OTA; local via PC)
  • Dimensions: 140x65x20 mm
  • Weight: 225 g


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