Prewired Kit for Orona lifts

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The prewired kit with the Helpy 2W-TL autodialler is specifically designed for the ORONA installation, in order to make them compliant with the latest European directives in the easiest and quicker way.

This Plug& Play solution is made up by 2wires emergency phone, model Helpy 2W-TL (5HL-201), for quick installation in the car-top and the specific prewired cable (6CV-30035).

The system can be extended with 2w-speaker units, GSM/UMTS gateways and accessories.

Max Handsfree32


  • Alarm calls and periodic test calls management as per EN81-28
  • Telephone numbers: programmable, up to 12
  • Supported voice terminals: up to 8 add-on speaking units (32 with auxiliary BUS power supply)
  • Digital volume adjustment
  • Advanced self-diagnosis system
  • Programming modes: local or remote via phone, SMS, PC with e-stant software and USB cable, micro SD Card
  • VoIP compatibility: with analog output or ATA adapter
  • Alarm sending modes: voice, CLI, SMS, esse-ti protocol, P100
  • Voice prompts: menu with 8 languages, customizable with e-stant software
  • Alarm ending: with or without entering codes
  • Relay: programmable, multifunction
  • Technological alarms: absence of 2W handsfree terminal connection, low battery, battery replacement, power supply failure, diagnostics, auxiliary
  • Multi-Sharing function (with GSM200-C gateway): simultaneous notification of the same alarm to different receivers
  • Multi-link function: up to 9 autodiallers can be connected over 1 telephone line
  • SD Card: extended LOG, firmware update, messages and programming.
Hardware and Software design and development carried out at the Esse-ti Research Center. 100% made in Italy.

Compliant: EN 81-80, EN 81-28, EN 81-70


Power supply features
Power supply required: 16 W 
Mains voltage: 230 V~ +5% -10% 
Self-restorable fuse on power supply input 
Built-in back up battery: NiMH 12 V 800 mAh 
Expected operation time with a new battery in idle state: 19 hours with PSTN line; 10 hours with GSM200-C
Expected operation time with a new battery in conversation with remote speaking unit: 4 hours
Expected operation time with a new battery in conversation with built-in speaking unit: 5 hours 
Internal voltages: +1,8 V , +3,3 V, +5 V, 14 V
Data transmission and signalling system
Built-in Modem v.23 if connected to PSTN line: 300-1200 bps FSK GSM Modem if connected to GSM200-C module: 9600 bps
Type of dialing over external line: DTMF 
DTMF generator
Remote programming protocol: proprietaryService center protocols: P100, Esse-ti
Other protocols upon request
Telephone terminations
Connection to public telephone network or universal GSM gateway: terminal block 
Connection to GSM200-C module: plug RJ-45 
Local telephone connection: plug RJ11 / terminal block 
2W speaking unit: built-in 
2-wire bus for the connection of 2W speaking units: terminal block 
Up to 16 2W speaking units connection (4 with direct power supply from the bus and 12 with separate power supply) 
Auxiliary microphone inputs: 2 
Auxiliary loudspeaker outputs: 1 (to connect max. 2 passive speaking units or loudspeakers)
Voice messages
Pre-recorded languages: 8 (Italian / English / German / French / Polish / Portuguese / Spanish / Russian)
Pre-recorded voice messages: 30 minutes, restorable 
Messages that support the programming 
Alarm messages 
Elevator identification message: customizable (max. 25 s) 
Courtesy message for the car: multi-language, customizable (max. 25 s) 
Messages customization: via computer (via USB-serial cable and software e-stant) / via micro SD card
LED signalling alarm / periodical test call: yellow 
LED signalling GSM signal strength (with GSM200-C): green LED signalling device status: red 
LED signalling power supply status: blue 
Reset pushbutton: built in 
Alarm button: built in 
Alarm inputs: 1 
Customizable inputs (alarm / auxiliary / reset input): 1
Filter inputs: 1 (programmable as reset input) 
Relay outputs: 1, programmable (max. 250 Vac or 220 Vdc)
Outputs (alarm given, alarm received): 2 (NPN / PNP)
Serial port for PC connection: 1 
Micro SD Card slot
Safety systems
EEPROM for data storage under power failure
Built-in NiCd battery for clock data storage
Double watchdog system
Firmware update and programming pattern
Local: via computer (via USB-serial cable and software e-stant) / via micro SD card
Remote: OTA (via GPRS, only with GSM200-C)
Additional data
Dimensions: 183x124x62(h) mm
Weight: 696 g



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