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e-stant web - the solution for installations' remote control.

With the brand-new e-stant web programming has never been that easy: log-in and manage yours installations through data connection. 

1 E-stant web is the web solution for remote programming management: thanks to the data connection it is possible reading and writing parameters on the selected device and the same connection allows the log reading. 

2 The event section of the app shows the list of events and allows to set different email adresses for notifications.

3Connecting the Esse-ti serial camera it is possible to activate the device, take a picture in the cabin and visualize it in the platform.

e-stant web allows the remote lift-board monitoring through the autodialler's extra-inputs.

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- Easy localization of remote devices with no pubblic IP (no need of pubblic IP)

- Remote diagnostic and maintenance service

- Voice & Data transmission with only one SIM Card

- Automatic notification via SMS of emergency requests or failures

- Complete solution for installation remote monitoring: gatevays/autodiallers - server - webapp upon specific request

- Esse-ti/solution allows to manage many devices: 2G/4G autodiallers, 2G/3G/4G gateways

- Exportable platform over external server (Window system)

- Customizable graphic layout 


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