HelpyGSM-RM, equipped with the remotable GSM satellite, is the solution for the utmost flexibility.

The autodialler can be installed on the elevator car-top, in the lift shaft, in the machine room or on the elevator controllers, and, thanks also to the prewired cables, the installation has never been so easy.

The autodialler comes with:

  • remotable GSM unit,
  • GSM connection cable L=1 m ,
  • speaker unit,
  • power supply and back up battery,
  • alarm and reset pushbuttons,
  • 230V power supply cable,
  • LEDs signalling operation status, GSM signal strenght, line status and power supply status.

The GSM satellite for local or remote installation is made up by an industrial GSM/GPRS Quad Band module, magnet base, whit antenna and connection cable L=1 m. The SIM Card must be insert in the GSM satellite and it can be placed where the signal is better.

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