Master Powercomm

5HV-155 / 5HV-151


Master Powercomm

Master Powercomm

Intercommunication system for firefighters’ emergency operation compliant with EN 81-72 (2020).

It allows firefighters to use elevators in case of emergency.

By activating the intercom system through the dedicated firefighters’s key, the handsfree terminals establish a simultaneous and permanent communication between the machine room, the elevator car and the floors.

Master Powercomm  (5HV-155) comes with built-in speaker unit and it is WATERPROOF.

The Master Powercomm can be associated to:

  • PUSH-TO-TALK speaker unit (5HV-151) with built-in speaker unit, dedicated BUS for connection, contact for external pushbutton, dip switch for volume adjustement and BUS closing.
  • INTERCOM speaker unit terminal (5HV-028) : for installation in the car, with enhanced audio quality.

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