ST 600


Feature Phone

  • Software Personal Phone
  • 2-line LCD display
  • Evolved functions & services

ST 600 is the feature phone to manage from PC all the telephone functions.

Equipped with the most evolved servicesergonomic and customizable, allows to use all the PABXs’ functions in the easiest way.

The TAPI interface (Telephony Application Programming Interface) integrates telecommunications and computers: it manages the signals between the PC and the telephone network (selection, answer and interruption of a call) ensuring top-performing telephony functions.

ST 600 comes with the Personal Phone software that allows to reproduce in the PC a graphic interface exactly like the real phone, bringing all the functions just a click away.

With ST 600 you can use all the esse-ti PABXs’ functions in the easiest way.

  • 2-line LCD display (42 characters) with icons and 20″ adjustable titl
  • TAPI interface (Telephony Application Programming Interface) providing computer and telephony integration. It allows to manage signals between the PC and the telephone set (dialing, answering and hanging up a call) and it also supports evolved telephony functions.
  • Automatic key settings (external lines, extensions and services) depending on the connected PABX model.
  • Compatible with all esse-ti PABXs
  • Erogonominc keypad
  • Integrated DSS with 32 programmable keys
  • 15 one-touch memory keys
  • 48 programmable keys with LED indication status
  • 4 direct menu control keys
  • USB port to manage the telephone by PC using the Personal Phone Suite
  • 80 phonebook listings
  • Handsfree
  • Lost, received and outgoing calls list with recal possibility
  • Last number redial
  • Mute function (microphone)
  • R key (Flash: 100 ms)
  • Door opener 1 and 2
  • Telephone update via USB port
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