09 April 2019

SD Card & e-stant software: find out the benefits!

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A few simple steps to PROGRAM, UPDATE THE FIRMWARE and manage the VOICE PROMPTS of the 2W autodiallers.

In Esse-ti the evolution anticipates the needs of the user: thanks to the e-stant software with the SD Card, it becomes extremely easy to program, manage and customize the voice messages of the 2W autodiallers.

The e-stant software is available as free download for: 

  • local and remote programming
  • creation of a QR-code containig the cofiguration profile
  • reading/sending all the autodiallers' settings
  • alarms texting
  • events' log storage and query
  • customizing/playing  the audio files
  • firmware update
  • configuration, speech customization and firmware update of the 2W-serie autodiallers via SD CARD.

Watch the new tutorial VIDEO!

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