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HelpyGSM-RM, equipped with the remotable GSM satellite, is the solution for the utmost flexibility.

The autodialler can be installed on the elevator car-top, in the lift shaft, in the machine room or on the elevator controllers, and, thanks also to the prewired cables, the installation has never been so easy.

The autodialler comes with remotable GSM unit, handsfree terminal, power supply and back up battery, magnet-base antenna with cable L=2 m, alarm and reset pushbuttons, 230V power supply cable, LEDs signalling operation status, GSM signal strenght, line status and power supply status.

The GSM satellite for local or remote installation is made up by an industrial GSM/GPRS Quad Band module, magnet base, whit antenna and connection cable L=1 m. The SIM Card must be insert in the GSM satellite and it can be placed where the signal is better.

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Max Handsfree6


  • Emergency alarm call management and periodical test in compliance with EN81-28
  • Up to 12 programmable telephone numbers 
  • Supports up to 6 add-on handsfree terminals
  • Digital volume adjustment
  • Advanced self-diagnosis system
  • Local and remote programming by analog telephone, SMS, PC with e-stant software
  • Programming, supervision, alarm management, test calls from PC
  • Alarm sending modes: voice, SMS, CLI, esse-ti protocol, P100
  • Multilanguage manu with 5 options, customizable with e-stant software
  • Alarms ending with or without entry codes
  • Activation of communication with the cabin without entry codes
  • Multi-function programmable relay
  • Multi-Sharing function: simultaneous notification of the same alarm to different receivers
Hardware and Software design and development carried out at the Esse-ti Research Center. 100% made in Italy.

Compliant: EN 81-80, EN 81-28, EN 81-70


Power supply features
Power supply required: 16 W
Mains voltage: 230 Vac +5% -10%
Self-restorable fuse on electrical mains
Built-in back up battery: NiMH 7,5V 800 mA
Expected operation time with a new battery in idle state: 20 h
Expected operation time with a new battery in conversation with remote handsfree terminal: 4 h
Expected operation time with a new battery in conversation with built-in handsfree terminal: 5 h
Input: 12Vdc 500mA
Service center protocols: P100, esse-ti
Other protocols upon request
Voice messages
Available languages: 5
Pre-recorded voice messages: 30 minutes, restorable
Messages that support the programming
Alarm messages
Elevator identification message: customizable (max. 1 m)
Courtesy message for the car: customizable (max. 1 m)
Messages customization: via computer (via serial port and software e-stant
Mobile network
GSM network connection: built in
Module: GSM/GPRS quad-band
Transmission power: 1 W at 1800/1900 MHz, 2 W at 850/900 MHz
Type of dialling over external line: DTMF
Local telephone connection: plug RJ-11 / terminal block
Built-in active handsfree terminal
Outputs for auxiliary active hansfree terminals: 2
Auxiliary microphones inputs: 2
Auxiliary loudspeaker outputs: 1 (to connect max. 2 passive handsfree terminals or loudspeakers)
Internal line - External telephone line
Internal line - Handsfree terminal
External telephone line - Handsfree terminal
LED signalling alarm / periodical test call: yellow
LED signalling GSM signal strength: green
LED signalling GSM status: red
LED signalling power supply status: blue
Built-in reset pushbutton : 1
Built-in emergency-call pushbutton:1
Alarm inputs: 2
Customizable inputs (emergency alarm or auxiliary input): 1
Filter inputs: 1
Outputs (alarm given/alarm received): 4 (NPN/PNP)
Programmable relay output: 1 (max. 250 Vac o 220 Vdc)
Safety systems
FLASH memory for data protection under power failure
Built-in battery for clock back-up: NiCd
Double watchdog system
GSM reset
Firmware update
Remote: OTA (via GPRS)
Local: via computer (via serial port and software e-stant
Additional data
Antenna: magnet-base cable with antenna (2 m)
Dimensions: 60 x 165 x 125 (h) mm
Weight: 655 g



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