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Rack Full Services system: the most evolved telephone functions for business solutions.

The HI-PRO 832 can be equipped for the connection of 8 external lines (PSTN or ISDN) and up to 32 extensions. 

The PABX comes with many functions, including: IVR (Interactive Voice Responder), Call Switch (in case of absence the incoming calls go directly to preset numbers), ACD (Automatic Call Distribution),  vocal files upload with mixing possibility (to use the music on hold as background for IVR and courtesy messages), automatic switch FAX and phone directory with 400 listings.

 * 1 or more GSM line available by connetting GSM500 (or  UMTS line with ) as a PSTN line.

pn: 5CT-120
Max External Lines8
Amplifier Output
Max Extensions32
GSM Line*


Phone compatibility:
- 32 Systems phones (ST600)
- 32 BCA (standard analogue) phones

Caller ID always available (BCA and ST 600).

Interactive Voice Responder (IVR): 10 voice menus linkable and browsable.

Firmware update for quick and comfortable firmware update via USB port.

Customizable Courtesy Responder to entertain the user if the operator is busy, to communicate the opening/closing times..

Call Switch: when out of home/office, it is possible to program the incoming external calls or doorphone calls to preset numbers.

Programmable automatic switch fax: the incoming fax-call goes automatically to the programmed extension.

LCR function (Least Cost Routing) to use the most convenient line.

Vocal files upload: possibility to upload audio files (.wav).

Mixing: allows to use the music on hold as background for IVR and courtesy messages.

Phone directory: 400 listings available from all extensions


Flexible PABX

0 external lines

0 extensions

1 USB port

1 amplifier output

4 simoultaneous channels for vocal services

Music on-hold included

Rack 19", 3 units

Programming software included

Plug & Play

Mains voltage: 230 Vac +6% / -10%

Power supply: 100 W

Dimensions: 330 x 445 x 133  mm

Weight: 11,5 kg





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