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SARVAM IP50 is the IP-PBX with licensed users.

SARVAM IP50 comes with 8 SIP trunks and 50 licensed IP-users, 4CO and 2 SLT, and can be extended with GSM/UMTS lines and doorphone board. 

SARVAM IP50 provides connectivity to CO (FXO/RTG/PSTN), GSM/3G and VoIP networks from a single platform and intelligently selects the most cost-effective route to place local, mobile or long distance calls and reduces telephony costs.

SARVAM IP50 offers flexibility to choose from convenient phone options such as Analog phones, IP phones, softphones and Mobile phones as office extensions to communicate from the device of user’s choice..

SARVAM IP50 is embedded with advance functionalities and productivity enhancing features of enterprise grade phone systems.

The Mobile Extensions service allows to use the mobile phones as extensions of the system, and, at the same time, all convenience features, preferences and settings available on a user’s desk phone follows on the user’s Wi-Fi and Mobile extensions.

Equipped with the most evolved telephony services (voice mail, integrated auto-attendant, 6 party conference..), SARVAM IP50 offers a web-based management wizard.



pn: 4CT-008
Max External Lines8
Max Extensions16
GSM Linesi



Automatic DISA

Call budget on trunk

Call back on trunk

Detailed records of 12000 calls

Call forking (IP extensions)

Class of service

Caller-ID based routing

Conference 6 Party

Conference dial-in

Dynamic DNS

VoIP calls over 3G

Least Cost Routing

Mobile trunks and extensions

NAT and STUN support

Presence indication and IM (instant Messaging)

Registrar Server

Web based programming


  • Mobile extension for Android/iOS based smartphone
  • IP phone (SIP)
  • Operator console (DSS)
  • Voice mail system
  • Single Line Telephone (SLT)
  • VoIP trunk
  • GSM/3G
  • Analog CO line (TWT)


  • CE certificate

    Free IP users: 50

    FXO ports (CO): 4

    FXS ports (SLT): 2

    GSM/3G Trunks: 2

    VoIP trunks: 8 (licensed)

    Max VoIP channels: 8 (licensed)

    Max VMS channels: 4

    Max IP to IP call: 25

    VoIP protocol: SIP, SDP, RTP, SRTP

    Network protocol: Pv6, IPv4, TCP, UDP, DHCP, VLAN, DynDNS, PPPoE, QoS, STUN

    Transport protocol:  UDP, TCP, TLS

    Max external storage: 32GB

    1 USB port

    Voice Mail System: 4 channels, 37 Mailboxes and e-mail notification (optional)

    Vocal messages: 16 modules with 16 seconds each for automatic responder, vocal tones and vocal guide

    Doorphone with relay: 1

    Power supply: external 24 Vdc, 2.5A





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