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The IP-PBX platform ideal for medium-size business and hotels.

ETERNITY PENX  is a versatile IP-PBX platform based on universal slots architecture, offering a variety of trunks and extensions. ETERNITY PE - VOIP PBX Phone system, is ideal for any small to medium business having 24 to 48 users. Organizations can flexibly connect FXO, GSM/4G, VOIP, ISDN BRI and T1/E1/PRI trunks and select from user extensions such as IP Phones, Digital Key Phones and Analog Phones in any combination as per communication requirements.

All the expansion slots of ETERNITY PENX are universal in nature. Integrate all alike or selective connectivity modules to tailor a system as per specific communication needs and diverse business applications.

ETERNITY PENX is a converged IP-PBX platform offering connectivity to all legacy and new generation telephony networks such as VoIP, POTS (CO), GSM/4G, T1/E1/PRI and ISDN BRI. Further, advance cost control features such as Automatic Route Selection, Call Budgeting and Gateway features ensure each outgoing call is made at minimal charges.

ETERNITY PENX seamlessly delivers complete access to system features on a device of user’s choice regardless of the location such as office, home or roaming in the field. Users can flexibly choose from convenient phone options. This in-turn facilitates extended user reach and flexibility to communicate from anywhere and at any time.

The scalable platform of ETERNITY PENX allows users to start from the exact number of trunk and extensions and extend its capacity in future. ETERNITY PE6SP is expandable up to 48 TDM users and up to 100 IP users.

ETERNITY PENX offers connectivity to VoIP telephony to avail benefits of low cost long distance calls, flexibility to communicate from anywhere and a host of advance call management features. ETERNITY PENX supports up to four SIP accounts and 50 local or remote IP extensions.

ETERNITY PENX provides true mobility to its users by allowing them to use their mobile phones as office extensions. All convenience features, preferences and settings available on user’s desk phone follows on user’s Wi-Fi and Mobile extensions. Mobile users can easily transfer, hold or forward calls to office extensions, initiate conference calls and remotely access shared trunk resources from the road or customer location.

ETERNITY PENX offers voicemail features that increases customer responsiveness and efficient handling of customer calls round-the-clock. Voice mail in ETERNITY PE provides Multiple Auto-attendants, Option to Leave Voice Messages, Email Notification of Voice Mail and Automatic Recording of Important Calls. This ensures professional business approach and enhanced customer services.

ETERNITY PENX offers a host of advance hospitality features, which can perform hotel tasks such as Check-In, Check-Out, DND, Wake-Up Alarms, Reminders, Print Check-Out reports, etc. making it a complete Hotel PBX. These features are easily managed by the Front Desk Management wizard. In addition, it also supports third party PMS and CAS integration.

ETERNITY PENX provides integrated gateway functionality to route calls between different networks. This makes it an all integrated solution and eliminates the requirement of external gateways.

Based on the state-of-the-art design and modular architecture, ETERNITY PENX satisfies a variety of business applications. It can work as an Analog PBX, a Digital Key Phone System, an IP-PBX, GSM PBX or a Hybrid IP-PBX with all Analog, Digital, GSM and IP connectivity on a single platform.


pn: 4CT-015
GSM Linesi


Automatic number translation
Call budget on trunk
Call budget on extensions
Detailed records of 12000 calls
Call duration control
Conference 15 parties
Conference dial-in
CLI based routing
Closed user grup
Conversation recording
DISA (Direct Inward System Access)
LCR (Least Cost Routing)
Web based programming

Voice Mail features:

  • Personalized Greetings and Messages
  • Email Notification of Voice Mail
  • Customizable Mailbox Size for Individual Users
  • Conversation Recording up to 576 Hours
  • Broadcast Message to all Mailboxes
  • Flexible Graph and Node Structure
  • Multiple Message Wait Notification Alerts

Mobility features:

  • Mobile Trunks and Extensions
  • Outbound Calls using Office Lines
  • Call Back on Mobile
  • Access to Centralized Voice Mail
  • Dual Ringing on Desk Phone and Mobile
  • Automatic DISA Access
  • Multi-party Conference

Advanced VoIP features:

  • Open-standard SIP
  • VoIP Trunks and Extensions
  • Presence Indication and IM
  • Peer-to-Peer Calling
  • Dynamic DNS client
  • VoIP Calls over UMTS (3G)
  • Call Forking
  • Fax over IP (T.38 and Pass-Through)


Analog CO Lines: 16

VoIP Trunks: 16

ISDN BRI Trunks: 12

T1/E1 BRI Trunks: 6

GSM/4G Trunks: 8

Analog extensions: 48

Digital extensions: 32

IP extensions: 100

Digital input port: 1

Digital output port: 3

Analog input port: 1

Analog output port: 1

Conference: 15

Ethernet port: 1 Port 10/100 Mbps RJ45 - to connect VoIP users and Trunks, Web-based Programming and CDR Reports

Voice Mail System: up to 64 channels, Mailboxes  for individual users and e-mail notification 

Vocal messages: 16 modules with 14 seconds each for automatic responder, voice tones and voice help

Power supply: 100-240Vac, 47-63 Hz

Dimensions: 44 x 5,2 x 30 cm

Installation: wall, desk or rack 19"




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