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Universal power supply 12 Vdc.

The plastic box comes with  the power supply and can be completed with  the optional backup battery (7BA-10003).

Compatible with any device, in the lift sector can be connetcted do an autodialer and installed on the lift-car top or on the elevator controllers. 

Combined with the Esse-ti autodialers, allows the battery check and power failure control if connected through the specific U.P.S. cables with plugs.

Version 5HA-006: Universal power supply 12 VDC with connection cable L = 30 cm .

5HA 005 Esterno7ca 30141

pn: 5HA-00; 5HA-006


Battery check and power failure control with Esse-ti alarm systems Helpy 2W-V, Helpy 2W-Q, Helpy 2W-LCP, Helpy Quick, Helpy Vox, ST61, ST56.


Mains voltage: 100-240 Vac +5% -10%
Self-restorable fuse on electrical main
Battery: Pb 12 Vdc max. 1,3 Ah not included
Self-restorable fuse on battery protection
12 Vdc output: terminal blocks
Output voltage (with full-charge battery): 13,8 Vdc
Output current: max. 800 mA
Power supply status LED: red
Output for Esse-ti alarm systems’ connection: Helpy 2W-V, Helpy 2W-Q, Helpy 2W-LCP, Helpy Quick, Helpy Vox, ST61, ST56
Connection cable for Helpy 2W-V, Helpy 2W-Q, Helpy Quick, Helpy Vox, ST61: cod. 7CA-30149, 3 m, optional
Connection cable for Helpy 2W-LCP, ST56: cod. 7CA-30141, 30 cm, optional
Possibility of DIN-rail mounting 
Dimensions: 121 x 81 x 81 mm
Weight: 201 



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