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Twin Talker 9100, Walkie Talkie at PMR 446 frecuency with a range up to 9 km in open field.

Extremely intuitive and easy to use, the Walkie Talkie are delivered in a protective case containing: 2 transceivers; 2 battery charger and 2 batteries; 2 car chargers; 2 shoulder microphones and 2 belt clips.

Ideal for professional use or leisure, the two-way radios allow you to communicate without costs.

TwinTalker 9100 complies with IP-X2 water-resistant due to the reinforced body.

Twin Talker 9100 offers a vibration call and a hands-free speakerphone microphone that optimizes these walkie talkies for use in the workplace.

8 channels and 38 sub-channels allow communication in complete safety, with the integrated emergency button.

pn: 4WT-001


  • Range up to 10 km
  • Channels: 8
  • CTCSS (filter for minimal interference): 38 Subchannel
  • Water proof IPX2
  • Scan function
  • Vibration function
  • Call tones: 5
  • Monitor function
  • Vox control
  • Desktop charger: 2 pieces
  • Shoulder microphone: 2 pieces
  • Delivered in plastic case


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